Certification in
Production & Operations Management

Supply Chain Management Specialist

Program Overview

Whether an organization is in 'private sector' or in the 'public sector', is a 'manufacturing' or 'non-manufacturing' organization or a 'profit' or a 'non-profit' organization, the optimal utilization of resource inputs is always a desired objective. Hence organizations look for candidates with knowledge and skill in Operations Management function to plan, organize, coordinate, direct and control the material supply and Processing activities of an enterprise and carry out Production Management in such a manner that Labour, Plant and Capital available are used to the best advantage of the organization.

Topics Covered

Product and product design
Process selection and design
Capacity design and planning
Facility planning and layout
Forecasting techniques
Managing for quality
Aggregate planning
Supply chain, MRO and operations scheduling
Work analysis and job design
Lean manufacturing
Project management

On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded

Certification in Production & Operations Management

Course Duration

3 Months

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